Filter file vs ls --dry-run

I am experiencing using a filter fille, but realize it won't work as expected.

# content of ~/.config/rclone/filter_list.txt
- @eaDir/
- .DS_Store
- #recycle/
- "Lightroom/Lightroom Catalog-v11 Previews.lrdata/"

I am running this from the command prompt on my Synology DS220+, and I will eventually put the script into a scheduled task.
rclone sync "/volume1/Bilder/" "Jottacloud:chezENGHnas_backup/Bilder/" --filter-from ~/.config/rclone/filter_list.txt
and it still includes the directory defined in the last line of the filter file.

When running
rclone ls "/volume1/Bilder/" --filter-from ~/.config/rclone/filter_list.txt --progress
it also lets the Lightroom Preview directory.

So when using the --exclude filter directly it filters out the Lightroom directory.
rclone ls "/volume1/Bilder/" --exclude "Lightroom/Lightroom Catalog-v11 Previews.lrdata/"

What am I missing out here?


I like your post and test approach, you just missed removing the 2 times " in the last line of the filter file, they make it filter files starting and ending with ".

So try this instead:

- Lightroom/Lightroom Catalog-v11 Previews.lrdata/

Thank you for your feedback. I thought I needed the quotes because the directory has spaces in its name.

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