Filename Obfuscation - Write Me My Own?


I've had some issues with files above 143 characters, previously I had no issue with Google but DropBox doesn't seem to like them. Now obviously, since anyone can figure out what an obfuscated original filename works out to, I need a better solution, one that doesn't require the name to be under 143 characters. What I'm looking for is someone to modify the current block of code which deals with generating obfuscated names, to be different enough that only I (or anyone who has my version of rclone) can see what the original was.
Obviously I'm alright with sending you some money for your time and effort on this.

Let me know if any devs are interested in helping a girl out.

Thanks <3

Anything based on the obfuscate method will be crackable without knowing exactly how it was encrypted so I think changing the algorithm probably won't help you here.

However we are working on a new "compressed name" file name encryption method which should help...

I know it's easily crackable. I mostly just wanted something slightly different. Due to how popular rclone is, I'd be very surprised if most cloud providers don't already have a way to unobfuscate names so if mine is slightly different, theres less of a worry.

Oh really? Any idea on when that might happen?

Looking forward to this!! Hope there is a method to rename files. I really don't want to copy my files and OneDrive server side copy is picky

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