File permissions for FTP uploads

Does rclone support setting access permissions for files uploaded using FTP? Either mirroring the permissions of the files on my disk or forcing specific permissions. I cannot find anything about this in the documentation.

All files I am uploading have permissions of 640, while I need 644 (the same permissions I have on my local disk).

I know lftp supports mirroring the permissions but it's painfully slow when mirroring large directories.

Rclone doesn't support permissions with FTP currently.

However you could launch a recursive chmod using an ftp client - I believe lftp supports that. So do the sync/mirroring with rclone then a final chmod with lftp?

Thanks, that works.

But it's extremely impractical because I am mirroring a very big directory structure (over 300,000 files) and changing all those permissions after every sync takes several minutes, while the sync itself (using Rclone) is usually very fast (only a few files added / changed with each sync).

I guess I could log the names of uploaded files and then use a script to set permissions for only these new files, but I hoped there is a simpler solution...

The simpler solution would be for rclone to set the permissions after upload.

This would require a change to rclone though - if you'd like to see that please open a new issue on Github - thank you!

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