File path translates to remote path

If the remote is my_cloud_drive: and mount location is /drive, then when using rclone commands like copy or move, a flag should be introduced that automatically translates the path to the remote path.


rclone copy /home/user/test.mkv /drive/folder\ 1 --remote-path

should translate to

rclone copy /home/user/test.mkv my_cloud_drive:folder\ 1

That way the file is copied more efficiently since mount copying isn't very elegant.

What do you guys think of such a feature?

What's the reason for not using the remote path in the first place?

Tabbing to autocomplete mainly.

You can do that already in bash with a remote.


Right but you aren't transferring files to the root but inside folders with complex names.

Nonetheless, mount name can be different from remote name.

I'm not following.

You said tab completion. I showed you tab completion exists and worked.

I'm just trying to understand why you need to translate as in any script you'd just put the remote name rather than the mount point name. What's the use case?

You literally just listed the root of the folder and I just told you that auto complete needs to work all the way to the proper folder.

There's no talk about scripts here.

Huh? Use tab completion and hit tab and it completes if you type in more characters. It's standard bash tab completion.

Tabbing is very sluggish. Also what font is that?

I'm not sure what the use case is yet at this point.

Tab completion works and if you are not talking about scripts, I can't figure out why you can't type the remote path or use tab if it's a one off thing not a script.

That's Windows Terminal and the font info is linked there:

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