File missing after rclone copy

I witness something strange when using rclone copy command.

I'm using raspberry pi 2B+.

I made a program which logs some data (every 10 seconds) on a file "date.log".

I have installed rclone on raspberry pi and set it up to push that file to Google drive.

I also wrote a bash script which runs every minute and executes the rclone copy command.
This is my script


monitoring_file=$(date +'%d-%m-%Y')
rclone copy /tmp/${monitoring_file}.log googledrive:monitoring

So, every minute, a file named "date.log" is uploaded to my Google drive (in the folder "monitoring").

The problem is that I have seen that from time to time the file is missing from the Google drive (I'm using browser or my android app to check it). If you wait a minute it will appear again. And it will happen again during the day.

The question is: why is the file missing from the Google drive when I just copy to it?

What version are you running?
Can you share some a log of the copy when it goes missing?

I'm not around to check its version right now but I will in a few hours.
I remember that I had installed it in January of this year.

What log do you want me to share?

Best to run the command with -vv and show the copy up and show the file isn't there with a rclone ls or something along those lines.

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