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Hi, crypto,friends. I would like to ask if you have any reference to more detailed information about the Rclone header encryption. I know there is documentation on the web site, but I would need some more detailed documentation and best source code in C language to get it right.

You want C language source but pure C dose not have any Crypto modules, so implementation is difficult. Rclone encryption uses crypto modules with written go language. Pure C language dose not have PBKDF2, AES, poly1305, Salsa20 libraries, do you want its implementation by C or Rclone encryption implementation by C using thereā€™s libraries as black-box?
If you want to write C language decoder for Rclone encryption, please tell us which Crypto modules you want to use and I can show C implementation Rclone encryption routine using it.

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Oh, interestingly, I didn't know. My teacher wants it out, so I thought it would be okay. This is part of my assignment:
Test the cryptographic primitives used in the Rclone program using the available
cryptographic libraries, using appropriate data and examples in C language
the GNU C compiler to demonstrate the functionality of each algorithm used in the program
Rclone...So I would like to test some algorithms in Rclone, for example in the libsodium library.
What do you think ? you know we can help somehow please

If you can use crypto libraries, use nacl( ) for body encryption and OpenSSL ( ) for filename encryption.

Yes, but I work in Windows and libsodium is supported by windows

You should be able to build it with git-bash I would have thought.

Which compiler do you want to use, gcc or visual c? If you want to use gcc, Cygwin, MinGW or WSL?

Since I work in windows, I would like to use the libsodium library, which is supported on windows and runs in MinGW

Hi, try this:

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Thank you very much. You're cool, how can I reward?

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I have such a question that where the code is a part of Poly1305. thanks

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