Feedback on gsuite, plex, crypt and cache setup

Hey guys, since you have much more experience on this, I’d like to confirm if my setup is ok or if I should be doing something different. I’ve achieved it through some tutorials around, such as tech perplexed, but I’d like to get more feedback.

It’s pretty straightforward: I have Gsuite account and Rclone has a crypted remote to a folder there, and a cache remote to a media folder inside that crypted folder. The cache remote config have the default settings.

Then I use this command to mount this cached remote on my Windows 10 (winfsp is installed):

rclone mount --allow-other --cache-info-age 8h --cache-writes mediacache: Y:

This mounts drive Y: on my PC, then I point Plex towards it and it. Some minor issues come up with this setting:

  1. Scanning for folder changes doesn’t work the same way it does in regular folders. So if I put a new file in the monitored folders, nothing happens on Plex untill I ask it to reanalyze files.
  2. Files uploaded through Rclonebrowser to the crypted remote won’t show up in the mounted cached remote unless I re-mount it. (Should I be uploading directly to the cached through the file browser?)

What do you guys think? Should I be doing something different? My cloud library is still pretty small, so maybe my mistakes aren’t really pilling up, but I intend to make this more future proof. I also worry about the API bans and stuff like that.

Thanks a lot.

The currently accepted and working setup uses the following structure:
GDrive -> GCache (GDrive:) (Folder is optional) -> GCrypt (GCache:) (Folder is optional)

You can also check out --cache-tmp-upload-path & --cache-tmp-wait-time after which you can simply copy to the encrypted mount. This should also take care of your point 2.

How do you add/download your files? If you are using something like Sonarr/Radarr, then you can configure it notify plex on addition/upgrade/rename.

Thank you for explaining this.

Now, considering I kinda messed up the order of things, can I edit the rclone.conf file to achieve the correct order of things?

Right now there is:
gcrypt > gsuite:folder
gcache > gcrypt:

Can I edit these tags to do this?
gcache > gsuite:folder
gcrypt: gcache:

Or do I have to reupload the files involved?
Thanks again.

Should be possible but never tried it. My suggestion would be to create a new folder with the new mount structure and move from one to the other.

I’ve done this and works fine.
as long as the structure of googledrive is:


you can then define a new cache1 to be googledriveroot:afoldername
and then define a new crypt (re-use your same old secret information) to be cache1:
that seems to be what you’re describing uses >'s instead of sentences.
This is exactly what I did, originally before I did this my crypt was just googledriveroot:afoldername

I then went on to continue using rclone on the same data on gsuites without moving a single file.

Thanks for the tips guys.

I was having a hard time changing cache and crypt remoted because the local cache was conflicting.
So I deleted the local files and rclone mounted the new setting normally.