Feature request: specify hasher cache location per remote

I'm using Rclone on a Raspberry Pi and trying to minimize the amount of SD card writes.

I use the hasher remote to keep checksum databases of my drives. The problem is that the only way to efficiently do this right now is to have Rclone's cache directory (which is what hasher uses) set to a directory on my SD card.

If we we were able to specify the hasher cache location per remote, I could store each database in a directory on its corresponding drive.

I'm unable to have two drives connected at the same time which is why I can't choose one and just store the database their.

I realize that this is kind of an uncommon situation, but I thought it couldn't hurt to throw it out there. Maybe someone else has a better reason to store their hasher database in a location other than Rclone's cache.


"Databases are maintained one per base backend, named like BaseRemote~hasher.bolt."

if i understand that correctly
then should be able to use some kind of file linking of the databases.

That was one solution I had considered, but when you're using hasher with a local filesystem, it always uses the name "Local~hasher.bolt", instead of the name of the actual remote.

Edit: maybe having the option of hasher using the name of the actual remote, instead of the base remote should have been my feature request. It would have been a lot more simple. :slight_smile:

imho, your request is a good one.
nothing wrong with re-editing your title and first post; to make clear what your request is about.

ok, i re-read the docs for the 10+ time and it just clicked in my head, why my proposed solution work not work.

"Checksums for multiple alias-es into a single base backend will be stored in the single database.
All local paths are treated as aliases into the local backend"

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