Feature Request: Size of Deleted Files in Log

I'd like to request that any log file that displays information regarding deleted files should also include a bit more information about them; most specifically the size of them, similar to how it does with files "Transferred".

I also think it would be helpful if it specified if the dirs that were deleted were empty or not.


Deleted: 2 (total files) 62MiB, 2 (dirs - empty), 3 (dirs - files 72) 16MiB
Elapsed time: 16.8s

Size with deleted files is a nice idea.

Are you talking specifically about the summary stats or individual log lines?

Directories are always empty when they are deleted.

What I was thinking was the summary stats, but both wouldn't be a bad idea.

I understand that directories are always empty when they are deleted, because the files are deleted in them first, but with the "create empty dirs" option there is some ambiguity.

What I mean is if the directory had files in it and then the source directory was deleted then it would be considered not empty; but if the directory was empty to begin with on the source side & then was deleted on the source side, it would be considered an empty directory that was deleted.

Does the directory part make sense? If not I'll try to think of a different way to put it. It's a little difficult to explain.

However my main concern was with the size of the deleted files in the summary stats. Mainly as it would let me know if I was copying more data than what was getting deleted.

I see what you mean. I think that would be quite difficult to count though compared to the current scheme which is just counting when rclone calls rmdir. This is because you only know when the directories are full or not at the directory scanning stage which happens a long time before the directories are deleted.

No problem, I understand. The stats summary reporting if the directories were empty or not is of little priority to me. As infrequently as I need to determine that, I can do it manually. Whereas I always compare the amount of data transferred to the amount deleted. That becomes cumbersome to do every time.

I thought that if the more detailed directory information would be simple to add, then while working on the stats would be an opportune time.

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