Feature request/inquiry: diff

Currently when I want to compare the content of a
local and a remote file I usually do

cd local/path/to/foo
rclone copy remote:path/to/foo diff
vimdiff foo diff/foo

which works and allows me to just do

mv diff/foo .

if I want to "keep" the remote version locally, but it's
still kind of a kludge. For one thing I usually forget to
remove diff/foo if I don't want to keep it. I wish I could just say

rclone diff local/path/to/foo remote:path/to/foo

and get a regular diff printed to stdout. Or am I missing
something? Note that I'm on Termux/Android half the time,
which doesn't have any /tmp directory.

I just found out how to create a virtual /tmp directory on Termux X:-|, which at least sort of solves the issue for me. Feel free to close this topic if you feel the suggested feature is not good/unnecessary/out of scope.

perhaps this can help you

You could use a bit of bash magic like this

diff local/path/to/foo <(rclone cat remote:path/to/foo)

that should work...

@ncw *facepalm* Should have thought of that!

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