Feature Request - Dynamically change --transfers

I looked thru the supported remote control commands and didn't see this.
Please forgive me if this is already available and I missed it.

Just as rc core/bwlimit can dynamically change the bandwidth limit, I would like to be able to dynamically change the number of concurrent transfers (--transfers) on a running rclone copy process.
Increasing the number of transfers would cause new transfers to start immediately.
Decreasing would just stop new ones from starting until the --transfer setting is reached.

What do you think? Worthwhile?

There is API already to change --transfers but it won't change the number of transfers on a running sync.

In fact that is reasonably tricky since rclone starts lots of threads to run the transfers in parallel.

So I think it is a nice idea, but probably too difficult to implement easily.

If it's difficult, I'd say leave it and focus on more important things. It would be cool to have for easier testing and fine-tuning, but once that is done I don't see much session to change it during a session.

Somewhat related: How about making the VFS cache upload transfers # adjustable instead? That seems more useful. Currently I know of no way to make it anything but 4 - which may not be ideal for all use-cases.

I don't think the VFS cache transfers are limited at all at the moment... it will do as many as is necessary.

On downloads yes, but not uploads right? I thought that was basically hard-coded to 4.
How would it determine "as many as necessary" ? From the status of the pacer? Pretty sure I've never gotten more than 4 even on very large long-running files.

I'm specifically talking about the background process that the VFS write-cache uses to copy files over to Cloud once they have entered the cache via mount.

The VFS cache will upload as many files as you have open...

It doesn't yet do them in the background, though that is something I'd like to do for v1.51

Then there is some other limiter in another part of the chain, because from your description it sounds like if I copied over 100 files to the mount it would start up to 100 concurrent transfers (as quick as the API/pacer would allow).
That definitely does not happen.

That probably depends on how you are copying the files? Explorer will only copy a few at once I think.

Hmm... will test through cache on the webUI and with a copier than can do proper multi-threading then. You might be right.

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