[Feature Request] Dalayed upload for --vfs-cache-mode writes


I’d like to request a parameter for vfs-cache-mode, where I can set a delay (s, m, h, d, …), which uploads new or modified files after the defined time.
Right now, rclone will just upload the file instantly.

We already have something similar with --cache-tmp-upload-path and --cache-tmp-wait-time.

Or is it possible, to merge both features?

It would be great to take advantages of both features.

That is a nice idea. It should probably be combined with an rc command to flush the pending files.

I imagine an in memory datastructure of pending files with time to upload. These may get modified in which case the timer gets reset or deleted in which case they would be removed from the datastructure.

Do you want to make a new issue on github about this?

The vfs layer and the cache backend have a bit of overlap in functionality and I’d like to do that at some point. It isn’t an easy job though!


issue 2327

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