Feature: Better bwlimit

Would it be possible to implement a bwlimit where you can more detailed set the limites?
From download limit
To upload limit

  • same on mounts

Second question, would a global limit in the config be possible? So you could set it once there on the remote, and don’t have to think of it when copy, moving, mount etc. It’s hard to get this right if you run multiple things in parallel, having a global limit would ease at lot to this.

Do you mean setting the upload and download independently?

You can configure any rclone options with environment variables so you could do it like that?

I’d like to make any option configurable in the config file, but I haven’t managed to fit that in yet!

Do you mean setting the upload and download independently?


environment variables

I did not mean remote defaults. But a global limit across all rclone instances. So I could for example set 8mb limit globally, so regardless of how many rclone instances I start in parallel without any limit, it will still be limited to 8mb totally.

Ah I see. That is much harder to do as it would require running an rclone to account the bandwidth then other rclone’s would have to connect to it.

It might be better done with an external tool (like the linux QoS tools).