Fast Backup Settings?

I'd like to keep my (macOS) home folder backed up. I'm using rclone exclusively for this.
I'm calling this command every 7 days, and I'm trying to make it as streamlined as possible.
Does this look like optimum settings?
rclone copy -P ~/ GDrive: --fast-list --use-mmap --no-traverse

I'm basically just wanting to throw any and all files in my home folder up there, and I have those flags in place to reduce the heavy burden on Google Drive of checking file listings so often. Do my flags make sense? Does --no-traverse cancel out --fast-list? Should I do something else altogether?


--no-traverse is most useful when you are copying a small number of files into a large number. I would remove it in this case.

I note you are using rclone copy which means that if you delete a file on the local machine it won't get deleted on google drive. This may be what you want.

Otherwise looks great :slight_smile:

I too have a similar question and haven't found too much info on mmap and buffer size.

I'd like to do the following:

I will run this overnight when there is no other use for the machine.
I've got 20 GB of ram and could easily use, what? maybe 80% of that if it would speed up the comparison and the transfer?
I plan to write a script that gets called every night at around 4am.

This is only one pretend line of a script that will cover 5 drives and a lot of directories.

rclone copy --ignore-existing /Music remote:/'T5 Drive 2'/Music

I'll probably change the --ignore-existing to --modify-window=TIME at some point.
I'm new to rclone and scripting so any help or advice would be super awesome.

You probably don't want either --ignore-existing or --modify-window - what problem are you trying to solve here?

The majority of the files and directories that I'll be backing up will rarely change - only when I add new files to them. I suppose I am trying to avoid re-writing files that don't need it so I was thinking that a quick name check would suffice.

My desktop is probably the only one (I am thinking) that will sync. I figure if I have finished working on a file (either on my desktop or laptop) and then file it into documents it will get backed up to documents and then the file will be removed from the desktop across both machines. Does this sound right or am I going about this he wrong way?


Rclone won't rewrite files that haven't changed so you don't need to worry about that.

If you want to do a "top up" sync then doing rclone copy src dst: --max-age 1d is quite efficient just to consider the files younger than a day.

Do you mean using rclone move to sent it to the cloud? Maybe I'm not understanding!

So the workflow would be to finish working on a doc or project and move it into the folder system (off of the desktop). Then over night I'd sync the desktop across 2 machines using rclone sync and then use rclone copy to move any new files into the cloud that I've moved off of the desktop and into permanent folders.

Oh I see! That sounds like a reasonable workflow if you think it would work for you.

Thanks for all the help @ncw! I was having trouble with syntax

But ended up changing the directory names on GDrive and have so far had success at least with a 'rclone check' so I am hopeful.
Rclone is awesome!

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