Failed to copy: SignatureDoesNotMatch

I’m seeing a lot of the following:
status code: 403, request id: “lots of numbers here” 2017/07/05 09:50:53 ERROR : utilities/Thumbs/Challenges/TN_yu gnomi_Aug08.png: Failed to copy: SignatureDoesNotMatch:

Also getting a bunch of 408 request Time-Outs and Unsolicited response received on idle http channel…
What’s goin on?

I deduce you are copying to an S3 based remote…

Which provider is it?

That is generally indicative of problems with a load balancer (at the provider end) or a proxy at your end.

Just realised that you already posted a log on the other thread.

The SignatureDoesNotMatch is an error from the s3 library - I haven’t seen that before.

Perhaps caused by networking problems? Or something at the provider…

Does a retry sort it out?