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I have a 4TB eHDD mounted with the name torrentdrive, everything went well until today after a reboot it is suddenly mounted as /media/wybe/torrentdrive1
This is a problem as I had a gcache folder on there and also radarr, sonarr and nzbget are retrieving their data from it.
I’m running ubuntu and do you know any way to make my drive mount as torrentdrive instead of torrentdrive1?

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What’s your mount command? That would define what it gets mounted to.

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My mount command is rclone mount gcache: /media/xxx/torrentdrive/mount/gcache --allow-other -buffer-size 0M --dir-cache-time=480h --umask 002 --cache-workers =2

I could change this to torrentdrive1 but that means that my whole cache is wrongly located and it will throw alot of errors because it cannot find the files. So that means I need to clean the rclone database but also that nzbget radarr and sonarr are confused and have problems starting due to many errors and the current cache backlog is ruined.j
The easiest solution is to get the torrentdrive to map as torrentdrive and not as torrentdrive1.

It would mount to that folder listed above based on your command.

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Yes if I change it to mount gcache: /media/xxx/torrentdrive1/ it would mount fine except for all the files that were being uploaded before the start that point to torrentdrive and not torrentdrive 1.
I want to fix that

You’d want to check /etc/fstab and fix the mount line for that if it’s a local mount.

I’m not sure where rclone comes yet as it seems you a Linux question :slight_smile:

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I thought maybe someone else here has experienced the same and found a way to save the cache and rename it all to torrentdrive1.
Fstab cointained the swapfile and a UUID as ext4 which I commented and tried to remount the drive without that line but it seems to have done nothing.
It is looking like I need to change it manually everywhere and hope I get them all.

I’m still pretty confused as to what you want to happen.

The cache backend doesn’t really care what the drive is mounted. Changing the name of the mount won’t matter.

I don’t get what you mean by retrieving data from it.

Your question seems to relate to the external HD and mounting that but I’m not sure how you are mounting it.

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I didn’t think it all the wway through… I forgot to think about the conf file where the temp location is still with torrentdrive, if I change the mount command and the conf it should just work fine and it did.
Thanks for helping me, this is a really nice community and I should have looked at something else.

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