Excluding MacOS resource files

How can I exclude uploading resource files generated by MacOS itself? It is difficult to add new exclude filter for each kind of file type as I encounter.

OS creates some hidden files for its own usage for some files, e.g:
for hello.pdf -> ._hello.pdf
image1.png -> ._image1.png

these kind of OS resource files are being also uploaded to remote.

Here is my exclude list so far:

rclone: 1.39
Command: rclone copy /Volumes/SEAGATE/rclone/Files username:/Files/ -L -vv --exclude-from /Volumes/SEAGATE/rclone/excl.txt

OS: MacOS Sierra

Remote: Google Drive

MacOS resource forks are represented as ._ file when using the AppleDouble format. You can exclude them all by addng ._* to your exclude list and removing all the other ones, eg


Thank you. It is worked as intended.

Once again thank you and all the folks behind this project. It is great.

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