Exclude <not root>/folder/subfolder sequence?

I'm on Windows and I use

--ignore-case --filter-from "D:\filters.txt"

I want to define a filter in "filters.txt" that excludes the subfolder sequence


because that is a part of the path from the portable Telegram application that can't be read as long as Telegram is running...
I've tried (after reading https://rclone.org/filtering/)

- tdata/working/**

and a few variations but it seems it doesn't work that way?

What version of rclone are you running?

Can you run the same command share the output with -vv on it so we can look at the debug?

Can you show your sync or copy command please? Then we can check the paths are right!

I'm on v1.50.2

-vv would be huge, 10 GB of data to copy...

I was running this command:

rclone.exe --config "D:\Tools\@Command Line Tools\rclone_x64\.rclone.conf" sync --retries 1 --ignore-case --filter-from "D:\Tools\@Command Line Tools\rclone_x64\filters.txt" "D:\Users\me\Tools" nounc:"T:\rclone_tst\backup\users\me\Tools" --backup-dir nounc:"T:\rclone_tst\backup\users\me\!ARCHIVES_Tools!\2019-12-12_17-35-12"

It's a weird thing that it doesn't work that way but I'll switch to a VSS method and in that case it doesn't matter what's in use and what not...

Without a log, there's really no way to figure out what's going on though.

So if you want to progress, a log would be needed.

You are not doing anything obviously wrong I can see!

The way to test filters is with rclone ls to list the target but using the --filter-from file then you can get quick feedback as to whether it is working or not.

Also can you paste the extra bit that --dump filters --vv prints - that shows the filters as regular expressions which might give a clue.