--exclude-from help

Hi All

I'm a little confused as to how --exclude-from is supposed to work

At the moment I have a rclone-b2-filterlist.txt with the below that I am calling as a cronjob

15 3 * * * rclone sync --log-file=b2.homes.log --exclude-from rclone-b2-filterlist.txt --max-size 500M /var/datastore/homes/ backblaze:remote/homes/

- *.minio.sys

I am expecting that whenever rclone sees a directory called ".minio.sys" it will be ignore and not synced to the cloud storage location, is that correct ?

hello and welcome to the forum,

filtering can be confusing and sync can be dangerous.

so use rclone ls to test the filter, using something like
rclone ls --exclude-from rclone-b2-filterlist.txt --max-size 500M /var/datastore/homes/

it looks like:

rclone ls --exclude-from rclone-b2-filterlist.txt --max-size 500M /var/datastore/homes/

is listing just the files with *.minio.sys in the name which is strange as I am using --exclude-from, that doesn't make any sense or am not understanding how to use the switch,

- *.minio.sys

why would rclone ls list the files ?

if you want to exclude a folder, try

Will that skip copying the directory wherever it come across it ?

Or do I need to define the path explicitly ?

rclone should skip the directory wherever it comes across it.

but you must test it for yourself using something like
rclone ls --log-level=DEBUG --log-file=rclone.txt

then read rclone.txt.

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