Exact copy between 2 accounts gdrive

Hi everybody, I´ve been reading for a long time the forum and I want to sey thank you so much for your amazing work.

I have a couple of questions. I got 2 google drive account (first one for a normal use and the second as a backup)
I usually upload all my datas to a one folder in my first account and I move the files manually to the right place, or create or delete folders. Later I copy all to the backup.
The first time everything was fine because the backup was empty, but now I realise that with the script I use it is not working how I want.

I want a script which can make a exact copy from the first acount to the backup (second account). I meant, something like to check in the backup if the file or folder exists, and if not, to delete the files or folders that were moved or changed in the first acount. Is rclone able to move or organize files and folders?
I dont know if it can work.

I have been using:
rclone --transfers=8 --no-traverse --no-check-certificate --delete-after --checksum --stats 10s -v copy gdrive2:/ gdrive:/

But I was thinking that maybe it could work if I use sync:
rclone --transfers=8 --delete-after --checksum --stats 10s -v sync gdrive2:/ gdrive:/

I have used --dry-run but it´s not clear for me, too much information LOL