ETags not equal between src and dst

I'm trying to have a backup of a S3-compatible bucket hosted at Wasabi with tons of files. Everything was going nicely, until I realized that files over 5Mb do not match on Etags between S3 and the destination bucket, which is Backblaze.

I believe I've read around that this is due to the way in which the file is chunked for transfer, and it was my understanding that setting the destination bucket (in my case Backblaze), to use the same chunk size as the origin was to solve this, but I'm afraid it did not.

Any clues on how I can make the dst and src buckets match the ETag? It's critical since otherwise I will have tons of errors from my app side :frowning:

Leaving this for anyone experiencing the same: I missinterpreted the cutoff as being bytes, which in reality is KB based, so chaging the unit made the ETags match now.


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