Error upload files of 1.5 TB to Backblaze

good afternoon, I am trying to upload files from ubuntu with rclone but it fails to upload.
they are files of 1.5 TB and up.
My ubuntu server has 16 GB of ram and 8 Vcpu.
Who can help me the syntax I am using is as follows:

rclone --b2-copy-cutoff 2G --b2-chunk-size 2G --b2-upload-cutoff 2G --transfers 1 copy sappedbi/full/ yavila:test/ -P

hello and welcome to the forum,

i would remove all these flags and test again.
--b2-copy-cutoff 2G --b2-chunk-size 2G --b2-upload-cutoff 2G

if that works, might try increasing --transfers

if that does not solve the issue:
when you posted, there was a template of basic questions for you to answer.
help us to help you and please answer all the questions the first time.

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