Error transfering/copying files from server to Jottacloud


I was transferring some files from my server (hosted at Hetzner) to my JottaCloud service.
However, I got an error in the middle of the copy/transfer.

2019/03/22 04:22:05 Failed to save config after 10 tries: Failed to create temp file for new config: open /root/.config/rclone/rclone.conf135463756: read-only file system

Anyone who can assist in this matter?
It did write some files, but then suddently stopped with this error.

Thank you!

That means where your rclone.conf is stored, you lost write access to the file as it’s trying update the token.

What user are you running as?

I’m running as root, so that seems weird if that happens.

As I understand it, I haven’t lost access per se…
It says the file is suddently a read-only file system?

Is that something happening from JottaClouds side of things, thus somehow blocking me from transferring about 6TB of storage in one go?

However, I haven’t seen any limitations on their website.

I just noticed, that it’s my entire system that has changed to a “read-only file system”.
I can’t even run apt-get update && apt-get upgrade without getting the error :confused:

Rebooting the server seems to have fixed the ‘read-only file system’ error for now.

I’ll update this thread, if the error persist later on/returns.

It’s outside the scope of support here, but that would indicate that your system experienced some major I/O error, and you should consider scanning the server’s hard drive (fsck or similar).

Glad that your problem is otherwise fixed for now!

To clarify your response…

What you are saying is that my harddrive on the server may be setting out?
Or simply just the system that is faulty and basically would benefit from a format and reinstall of the entire linux system?

I’m asking as I have experienced some other rather big issues with i.e the swizzin box setup I’m running (a fork of QuickBox).
This is actually the reason I’m backing up all my 6TB of files, to reinstall the entire system.
But if the harddrive itself is faulty, I will have to ask my host to replace it? :slight_smile:

It could be a faulty hard drive, or it could be file system corruption, or faulty RAM or a whole heap of other things :frowning:

You can use smartctl to see if the drive itself is faulty .

It should say in the kernel logs why the disk went read only. It is most likely file system corruption, which fsck may fix.

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