Error related to Issue #1319?

I’m trying to move encrypted directories using an ‘–include’ flag on GDrive, which fails with “Failed to move: can’t move files on overlapping remotes”

rclone --include "Project*/" move encrypted: encrypted:project_archive/

2018/12/30 11:09:26 ERROR : Encrypted drive 'encrypted:project_archive/: can’t move files on overlapping remotes
2018/12/30 11:09:26 ERROR : Attempt 1/3 failed with 0 errors and: can’t move files on overlapping remotes

These errors occur when the “project_archive” subdirectory exists or if trying to create it with the move.

Moving them one-by-one works, so it seems to be an issue with the --include flag.

I suspect this is related to #1319 that was closed via commit c123c70


You are doing server side moves with a filter (the --include).

Rclone commands try to be idempotent - so if they got half way through running you can just run them again.

With overlapping source and destination that becomes impossible - when you run rclone for the second time it will read some extra files that are now in the destination.

Now as it happens your filter means that the source and destination will never overlap, but alas rclone isn’t clever enough to work that out on its own.

What you appear to be trying to do is move all folders starting with “Project” into “project_archive”.

Probably the easiest way to fix this is to run rclone mount and do the moves there. This effectively renames the files individually.

Or you could do it something like this (untested)

rclone lsf --include "/Project*" encrypted: > to-move
for path in `cat to-move`; do
    rclone moveto encrypted:$path encrypted:project_archive/$path

OK, I understand. I worked around this with lsd (in this case the files are directories), awk, and a bash for loop.

I’ll have to look into using mounts, I’m new to rclone, and on OmniOS (Solaris variant), so haven’t gotten that far. Also, a hearty thank you for supporting Solaris.

I’ve been struggling a bit with the documentation. In some respects it seems to over-complicate things, in others it seems to under-explain, like here.

If I find some time to put together some revisions, would you accept pull requests for docs?

Alas fuse mounts don’t work on solaris :frowning:

Help with the docs would be great!

The source of the docs are in here:

Though some of those docs are autogenerated from the source!

Check out the CONTRIBUTING guide also

Alas fuse mounts don’t work on solaris :frowning:

No worries. I can either do this from the Mac or spin up a Linux zone on the Solaris box and handle it there.

I’ll check out those resources on the docs and contributing, and give some thought as to revisions and/or tutorials to ease folks into use.

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