Error reading source directory: too_many_requests

I’m getting a lot of errors like this one:
2017/10/06 05:06:40 ERROR : Musique/Mysongbook.Guitar.Pro/h/Hetkoznapi Csalodasok: error reading source directory: too_many_requests/…

while syncing a dropbox with the command:
rclone -v sync Dropbox:/ /mnt/ssd/data/Dropbox

But it seems I can sync some elements so I don’t think it’s related to a dropbox limit.
Any idea?

you just have to wait for a while and then it’ll work again, dropbox has only a certain number of requests.
alternatively, as soon as you are unlocked you can try tpslimit.


thanks @PatriotM, I’ll try tpslimit. Do you know which value limit I should use with Dropbox? Is 10 a good try?

it depends on your file size and how much you want to upload in parallel
you have less problems with large files than with many small ones.

rclone -v move /mnt/upload remote:/ -c --exclude ‘ignorefolderforupload/**’ --transfers=8 --checkers=8 --delete-after --min-age 300m

works for me without tpslimit :slight_smile:

Thanks, tpslimit = 10.0 worked for me