Encryption problem with rclone


I was recommended rclone by someone and I am using the rclone crypt parameter for storing encrypted backup files (in .bin format).

Problem is that this encrypted file - as I can understand - can only be decrypted using rclone.

Is it somehow possible to use rclone to upload backups to cloud encrypted with gpg or something that has tools easily available on all OS so the backup can be downloaded to any OS and decrypted locally to view the content?


That is correct…

However rclone is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD etc. There is also an Android version. I think the only major platform missing is IOS.

You can encrypt your backups with gpg or some other tool before uploading.


I am not sure someone can help me with this here, but I will say it anyway.
My requirement is for a script that uses rclone and backs up selected folders and files + sql dump to azure or AWS cloud storage using a daily cron job.

I had a coder give me this script below, but I don’t know if this code is correct (or is missing something), and how to add GPG encryption to it. Can someone help me here?

#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -e

container=backup1                                                  # container path on Azure Blob
archive_file=/tmp/backup_$(date '+%Y-%m-%d_%H%M%S').tar.gz   # temporary archive file


mysqldump --quick --single-transaction --all-databases > "${sql_dump_file}"

tar -czf "${archive_file}" var/www root   # list the files/dirs to include in the backup
rclone copy "${archive_file}" "${backend}/dump.sql"
rm "${archive_file}"
rm "${sql_dump_file}" # rclone ...


What you want to do is encrypt the file with the public key so only you can decrypt it with the private key.

I found some blog posts with more info


I am unable to write in bash. Does this community have any freelance bash script coders?