Encrypted rclone directory in gdrive not detected when entering the same password and hash


I understand that rclone browser is a third party project, if there is a way to do what I need to do without it, please let me know.

Before I formatted my pc, I uploaded a bunch of personal pictures to google drive using the crypt feature. I used rclone browser as it acted as a GUI for a new user such as I.

Fastforward to now, where all my backups are fucked and google drive is all i have left. I set the settings to exactly what they were before (same directory, same password, hash) but, I dont seem to find anything on rclone browser.

Is there a way or a comand to decrypt all the files and download them?

Thanks a million, you guys are all I have left.

I’m not as familiar with rclone, but I hate to say the obvious as it sounds like you have something not the same if you aren’t seeing anything.

Are you able to share any more details or information/screenshots of what you are seeing and what isn’t working?