Encrypted B2 : strange behavior with deleted files

I was using rclone with Amazon Cloud Drive to store encrypted data. I’m moving to BackBlaze B2 Cloud Storage.
I managed to transfer my backups from Amazon to BackBlaze, using the command:

rclone --transfers 32 sync --stats 10s acd:encrypted bb:encrypted-pictures

But then I did a mistake : I used this command:

rclone sync --transfers 32 Pictures secret_bb:encrypted-pictures

So it deleted the previous files.
I know that the files are still there, but I don’t get how to restore them.
When I use this

rclone --fast-list size secret_bb:encrypted-pictures

I get

Total objects: 7
Total size: 95.973 kBytes (98276 Bytes

And when I use this:

rclone --fast-list size bb:encrypted-pictures

I get

Total objects: 15551
Total size: 90.417 GBytes (97084256507 Bytes)

My questions are:

  • How can I restore all the deleted files ?
  • Why are the two sizes different ?

Thank you very much.

It looks like in your first command you copied the pictures to the unencrypted remote

rclone --transfers 32 sync --stats 10s acd:encrypted bb:encrypted-pictures

These aren’t visible in the encrypted remote as they don’t have the right file names. You should still be able to access them at bb:encrypted-pictures though. The sizes are different because the encrypted remote is ignoring all the non-encrypted file names.