Encrypt Existing Contents on GDrive

Hey Guys,

I hope this has not already been answered but I have looked around for about a week without any luck. I would like to know if it is possible to Encrypt existing contents on GDrive. If it is not possible, can I created another directory in my gdrive and encrypt that "gdrive:/encrypted" and do something like

rclone copy -pv gdrive:/ gdrive:/encrypted

Where encrypted is the encrypt directory.

the only way to encrypt a file is to create a crypt remote and then copy files into that crypt remote.
so that command will not work.

  1. create a crypt remote, let's call it secret
    set Remote to encrypt/decrypt to gdrive:encrypted
  2. copy files into crypt
    rclone copy -pv gdrive: secret:

if you do not have a good internet connection, some rcloners use a free google cloud compute virtual machine to run rclone

Thanks for the help.

Here's what I have thus far

crypt remote called secret gdrive:encrypted

current remote directory structure is as follow

-> encrypted
-> data

I wish to move data (unencrypted) to encrypted (secret)


rclone copy -pv gdrive:/data secret:

my current rclone configuration is at the root of gdrive so i can't just do gdrive:

Also another question. Will the data be downloaded to my local disk first and then uploaded to crypt remote?

the command should be
rclone copy -pv gdrive:data secret:

rclone will not use the local disk.
for each file, rclone will download a chunk at a time, to ram, from gdrive:data crypt that chunk, upload chunk to secret:

for testing, use https://rclone.org/docs/#n-dry-run

Thanks @asdffdsa for the assistance. That seems to do the trick except now I am hitting the 403 User Rate Limit. I have a gigabit upload so i got a little too excited and hammered through 750 in a matter of hours lol. I need to find the sweet spot to stay under that 750GB per day limit.

I am going to try this and see if i get any luck

rclone copy --bwlimit 9M --tpslimit 4 --max-size 99G --log-level INFO --stats 15s gdrive:data secret:

Still going through the forum looking it to see how to prevent copying existing files. I see some people saying don't use --ignore-existing since rclone copy is smart enough to do so while others are saying neither works.

glad you got it working.

not sure what you mean?

I already copied about 750GB worth of contents. I ended the process due to the 403 user rate limit. I didn't want to end up getting banned. Next time I restart the copy after the limit has been cleared, I don't want the copy process to go back and recopy files that were already copied.

as per docs https://rclone.org/commands/rclone_copy/
Copy files from source to dest, skipping already copied.

as for the 750GB limit,

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