Each time rclone is run, 1/3 fails, 2/3 succeeds

Thank you for testing!

I will merge it to master and schedule it for v1.54.1

There was, literally no difference between the v1.53 and v1.54 debug - it was just using a different TCP connection which isn't something which shows up in the dump bodies logs...

I think the resolution to this might be something Wasabi is interested in. I think it shows a potential weakness in their systems.

Anyway, glad it is fixed!

yeah, i could not find a difference in the logs.

I already have an open dialog with Wasabi.
I will contact them and let you know how they reply

very glad it was fixed.


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i got a reply from wasabi,

"I just wanted to give you an update and let you know I have opened up a defect on out end with the DevOps team to look into this. It's possible there is a configuration difference between the two regions (us-east-1 and us-east-2) which is why the rclone dev was unable to reproduce these errors in us-east-1. It may take some time to get the details figured out, but the data you and rclone provided are great reference points, and I appreciate the time and effort. I'll let you know if we discover any issues that need to be remedied, and if so, I'll reach out to you when we get them sorted out in case you wanted to run some more testing on your side."

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That is very responsive of them :slight_smile:

yes, it is responsive.

yesterday, with v1.54.1, the problem occurred again.

Just once? Or only a few times?

My fix will only make it a lot less likely - it doesn't surprise me that it still happens occasionally.

To fix it 100% that will need a fix from Wasabi I think.

so far just once.
i tried to replicate it but could not.

i agree, 100% fix needs to come from wasabi.


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