During rclone copy , abruptly source file move/deleted


I am working on one rclone copying task.

during testing I realize , while rclone copying the file from remote server to destination using sftp , source file on remote server deleted /move abruptly , even though rclone successfully copied the file on destination path .
I have also checked checksum using md5sum and that is coming correct . how come rclone copying the data even file moved some other folder or deleted during copy ? Appreciate any technical explanation on it. :slight_smile:

Hi Suhail,

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I will be happy to look into your issue if you narrow down the issue as much as possible and then create a post of type help and support with all the requested information :slight_smile:

this is not actually issue , this rclone majic , how rclone copying the file successfully even during copy the file source file were moved to some other path due to archiving action. :slight_smile:


the feautre section of the forum is for requestinga new feature.

please start a new post using the help and support template, and provide answers to the questions.

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