Duplicate Directory in Destination

I have a standard script that does an rclone move from a local directory up to my GD on a daily basis.

I get one odd message that I’m not sure what is causing it:

Mar 27 09:15:53 gemini rclone[12002]: Black Sails: Duplicate directory found in destination - ignoring

I don’t have this local in the area I am copying from. If I check the GD, I only see 1 directory there. I’m not using a cache as this is a straight mount to validate and the command just a rclone move.

I just renamed my directory and renamed it back and that seemed to make it go away…

Google drive can have duplicate file names which confuses rclone.

You can go through your drive and remove them all with rclone dedupe

Strange! Well you can use dedupe if it happens again!