Dry run indicates --exclude not working .. need help!

My objective is to backup all files and folders from /var/www/html to G-Drive excluding:
(a) All files and folders starting with the name 2BDEL_
(b) Specific folders

I have tried the following combinations.

rclone --progress sync /var/www/html Gdrive-Linode:Linode-CL4/HTML --exclude='/var/www/html/2BDEL_*' --dry-run

rclone --progress sync /var/www/html Gdrive-Linode:Linode-CL4/HTML --exclude='/var/www/html/2BDEL_*'  --exclude='/var/www/html/images/**'   --dry-run

In both cases, it seems the exclude flag is being ignored.

I've checked a few posts on this issue but could not get the working syntax hence posting here.

Guys, pls suggest the appropriate syntax.


You'd need to include all the items in the help template.

Not sure what you mean by help template.

When you posted, there was a superb, well written, thoughtful template that asks for a bunch of things and collects all the needed information to help you out that asks you to stop and read it.

rclone v1.53.1

  • os/arch: linux/amd64
  • go version: go1.15

OS: CentOS

Can you please include a debug log as well? The template is organized well and has all the relevant information needed.

Filters are relative to the path and we can see that from the debug log which is why we have the template and put a lot of effort in our up front collection of information so we don't have to ask the same questions over and over.

Note that filters are relative to the root of the transfer so you probably want

rclone --progress sync /var/www/html Gdrive-Linode:Linode-CL4/HTML --exclude='2BDEL_*' --dry-run

You can use

rclone lsf -R /var/www/html --exclude='2BDEL_*'

to see what files would be included also

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