Dropbox - no "members.read"

What is the problem you are having with rclone?

Hi guys. When I get into my "business" dropbox account (part of an org) I see no"members.read" in "permissions".
My rclone fails with:

-> $ rclone mount dropbox: /00.STORAGE/dropbox --config /etc/rclone/dropbox.conf --verbose
2021/02/09 17:03:48 Failed to create file system for "dropbox:": invalid dropbox team member: "pet@mac.uk": Error in call to API function "team/members/get_info": Your app is not permitted to access this endpoint because it does not have the required scope 'members.read'. The owner of the app can enable the scope for the app using the Permissions tab on the App Console.

Would anybody know how to fix that?
I'd be happy with not being able to share in/via dropbox, if that is what the required permission refers to.

many thanks, L.

What is your rclone version (output from rclone version)

Which OS you are using and how many bits (eg Windows 7, 64 bit)

Which cloud storage system are you using? (eg Google Drive)

The command you were trying to run (eg rclone copy /tmp remote:tmp)

Paste command here

The rclone config contents with secrets removed.

Paste config here

A log from the command with the -vv flag

Paste  log here

Can you show your config (with secrets redacted)?

As far as I know rclone will only use this call if you are using the impersonate options.

rclone doesn't set any scopes when it does its oauth - maybe it should?


type = dropbox
client_id = asdfsdadfaf
client_secret = adfadadadf
token = {"access_token":"sdfadadfadfadfadf","token_type":"bearer","expiry":"0001-01-01T00:00:00Z"}
chunk_size = 128M
impersonate = pet@mac.uk

Without "impersonate" I was getting:

-> $ rclone ls dropbox: --config /etc/rclone/dropbox.conf --verbose
2021/02/10 18:54:00 ERROR : : error listing: missing_scope/..
2021/02/10 18:54:00 Failed to ls with 2 errors: last error was: missing_scope/..

What you can do to work around this is create your own app with the required scopes.

Apparently I can do this to the rclone app too, but I'm a bit scared by this message

Rclone should really pass a list of necessary scopes during the oauth process which it doesn't at the moment, so if I set that flag then people that are members of teams won't be able to authenticate without the team admin.

I think your best workaround is to create your own app with the members.get permission - that should work.

In the mean time, I'll get rclone to request specific scopes, and request members.read only if impersonate is requested.

I've done that here - I'd appreciate if you'd give it a go as I don't currently have access to a dropbox business account.

v1.55.0-beta.5175.aee3bfb17.fix-dropbox-scopes on branch fix-dropbox-scopes (uploaded in 15-30 mins)

Some time in the future I'll enable members.read for the default set of scopes.

The other thing I could do is make impersonate take a Team Member ID instead of an email address. I wouldn't need members.read permission without that. Is it easy to find a Team Member ID?

Sorry about this, dropbox changed the oauth permissions recently, and I didn't realise this would be a consequence.

"members.read" is available if one did go for "Full Dropbox" when "Choose the type of access you need" as oppose to "App Folder" which I did originally (I commented elsewhere on the forum that howto for dropbox could really use an update/cleanup and I'd be happy to do that if I can get my rclone to work)
Now when I try "Full" I see that "Team", "Members" & "Sessions" are available in "App Console"
I guess first question is - is it even possible to have "rclone" work with "App Folder" ?
Second - must "app" be in "production" for "rclone" to work?

Now trying "Full Dropbox" (rclone-1.53.3-1.el8.x86_64) with settings as on attached snapshot (so with "members.read" enabled, I still see (with "impersonate" ON)

-> $ rclone ls us-full: --config /etc/rclone/dropbox.conf --verbose
2021/02/12 08:10:14 Failed to create file system for "us-full:": invalid dropbox team member: "pet@mac.uk": missing_scope/

I'll try that beta today hopefully.
many thanks, L.

Nope. With rclone-1.55.0.beta.5175.aee3bfb17.fix.dropbox.scopes-1.x86_64 I still see:

-> $ rclone ls us-full: --config /etc/rclone/dropbox.conf --verbose
2021/02/12 08:25:37 Failed to create file system for "us-full:": invalid dropbox team member: "pet@mac.uk": missing_scope/...

With no "impersonate":
-> $ rclone ls us-full: --config /etc/rclone/dropbox.conf --verbose
2021/02/12 08:30:17 ERROR : : error listing: missing_scope/..
2021/02/12 08:30:17 Failed to ls with 2 errors: last error was: missing_scope/..

You'll have to reconnect your dropbox with the beta with rclone config reconnect us-full: - the scopes are only used at oauth time.

Did you try that?

No. I've done so now, with a snapshot attached. I do it in "headless" env.
-> $ rclone authorize "dropbox" -- .....
I certainly am not an admin, geee.. how would that work...

Have you seen my earlier message with couple of questions?
many thanks, L.

Yes full dropbox is what you need.

I think rclone can work with appfolder - I have a vague memory of someone doing that.

That would be great! Dropbox have changed all the authorization methods recently and the docs haven't caught up.


I don't think so, you just get a warning when you oauth.

Can you try it not in a headless env first? I'm not sure the code I put in for asking for the extra scope will work with rclone authorize :frowning:

But if you've got permissions to run "impersonate" then you must be an admin?

Or are you trying to access just your own dropbox? In which case you don't need impersonate at all.

I though I would include "impersonate", well.. just in case.
But now I've been doing without it and that last error is without "impersonate" and.. unfortunately with/in "gui" env too.

I think it would be worth rebuilding the remote without impersonate and see if that works.

You don't need it unless you are a team admin I think.

Ah... on the remote-headless box I did but not on my local-gui box I did not update to that latest dev 'rclone' version.
Now with that dev rclone on local-gui box "reconnect" got me a "Success!"
I'll have to do again with a clean sheet if I want to chip in to that "howto" I mentioned.

A question - again I'm a novice to both "rclone" & Dropbox so bare with me if this is made clear somewhere in Rclone's docs - is Rclone portable in terms of configs/remotes/setup?
Reason I ask is such that now having apparently, after "reconnect", my local-gui box shows no errors for:
-> $ rclone ls us-full: --config /etc/rclone/dropbox.conf --verbose
1467194 Getting Started with Dropbox.pdf

But having that same config/setup on a second remote-headless box "ls" still fails with:

2021/02/13 11:36:34 ERROR : : error listing: missing_scope/.

What have I missed? I though I read somewhere that once a "rclone" got connected, set up to a remote then by the means of just config files "multiple" rclones on different computers can work with the same remote.

many! thanks, L.

ps. If it's you who manages packages for distros then I'd dare to suggest - push it downstream (I myself am Fedora user)

Best to use no package manager and download from rclone directly as that's the best and recommended way to install it as package managers can do whatever they want and are not maintained by rclone.

Yes it should be - the config file is portable to any OS.

Have you got the same rclone version in both places?

Oh.. I just realized that the "reconnect" actually does something to the "config". Now with that "new" config also on remote-headless box "ls" does work too.

Nice work, honestly many thanks for quickly responding to the problem.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you devel guys not to let Dropbox changing(braking) stuff slip through behind your back without notice in the future.


We did some of the changes in advance for the dropbox change, but this one slipped through the net! That is what point releases are for though.

I guess first question is - is it even possible to have "rclone" work with "App Folder" ?

hello and welcome to the forum,

have you tried this?
"Choose the type of access you want to use => Full Dropbox or App Folder"

have you tried the beta that was mentioned up above in this topic.

Thanks, i will try it

as mentioned in another thread on the very same subject rclone not accessing the shared folders with Teams on Dropbox business / [Dropbox Business not accepting oauth2]
Well so far not much luck even with the forked version:
$ rclone version
rclone v1.55.0-beta.5175.aee3bfb17.fix-dropbox-scopes

  • os/arch: linux/arm
  • go version: go1.16rc1

I access my personal folder but not the Teams shared folder....
still the same error all the time:
$ rclone lsd dpbx:/
2021/04/09 22:16:30 Failed to create file system for "dpbx:/": get current account failed: missing_scope/.


$ rclone --dropbox-impersonate rxxxxxxxxxxxx lsd dpbx:/
2021/04/09 22:17:16 Failed to create file system for "dpbx:/": invalid dropbox team member: "xxxxxxxxxxxxx": missing_scope/.

sadly...... :frowning:

any further ideas?