Dropbox expired_access_token

Hmm, I wonder if that is a bug? The string that you pass to rclone authorize should include the client_id and client_secret

Rclone should have given you a parameter for rclone authorize for you to copy and paste.

It works fine for me. I tested authorize with. my test client ID/secret and no issues.

It prompts me for the right app to authorize so I'm sure that is working.

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It's been running a few times now, and it's not giving errors and the files are being uploaded.

Thank you so much for your help! :smiley:


I actually have the same issue as Nanobug, where I'm also seeing the rclone logo whenever I need to reconnect. I know there's debug logs, and a few other things that were asked for, but to keep it simple, here's my ask:

What are the proper/correct steps for setting up and connecting rclone to Dropbox so that it doesn't show the rclone logo? I've got the same settings as both of you, as you can see here:

but my authtoken expires, and then I need to re-authorize the rclone app clearly going through its own API and not using OAuth. So basically, can I get a "keep it simple, stupid" step by step of how it's supposed to be setup since I clearly did something wrong/missed it when I first set this up?

Thank you very much.

Best to start a new post with all the details.

If you are seeing the rclone logo and not your logo, the rclone.conf isn't right and/or was added manually so it's using the default client id/secret.

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