--drive-service-account-file (Move from MD to TD) (solved)

Hey Guys,

I want to move some of my data from MD to TD. If i use the String "--drive-service-account-file" with a SA, ill get this error:
(rclone copy mdcrypt:4k/mother! tdm4kcrypt: -vv --drive-service-account-file=/opt/sa/SA.json)

The Sourcemount is def. available, i can do an lsd successfully.

If i use the same Command without the String, it will work:

The used SA is working, i also use this SA for my TD Mount.

Am i missing something? Any help would be appreciated :wink:

I am using my own Keys.
Rclone v1.47


Your path really has a "!" in it? Try to just do a rclone ls "mdcrypt:4k/mother!" -vv and see if that works and returns anything.

You probably do need to --disable copy as well, but you haven't gotten that far yet.

Don’t know your exact use case for this but if both are on the same gsuite account you could also move the folders from your MD to TD using gdrive web interface. It’s a bit tricky if you only want some folders and it takes a while to populate but I found it was the best way to go from MD to TD with 90TB of data.

Thanks for the answer and yes, this is the movietitle :sweat_smile:


So this works.

I also tried it with sync instead of copy, same issue

Yeah i had this in mind but unfortunately TD has other encryption keys than MD :confused:

Ah yes, if there is already data with other keys it will become an issue.

What I did was with a empty Team drive, duplicated my My Drive crypt config, renamed it and ran rclone config to point the new Team Drive config to team drive.

That would work but this is gonna be really unconvenient. So better i get this working with rclone :wink:
Thanks tho for your input

So since the only thing that changes here is the SA. Do i need to set permissions for all SA‘s on MD aswell? Do i need to change something in the conf file (MD and SA)?

You can put the service accounts in your rclone.conf with rclone config as maybe that's it? I haven't been able to test but I'd guess that would probably be it as well if you want to associate one of them with a service account.

I found the solution :slight_smile:

  1. share the MD Folder with your SA Accounts.
  2. add this „--drive-shared-with-me„ to the command

Info: https://github.com/88lex/sa-guide

Thanks for the help tho :+1:

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