--drive-chunk-size question


I've a question about --drive-chunk-size. It's working great, and I see the speedup using it when uploading to gdrive, no problems here.

My situation is : NAS<=>PC with Rclone<=>gdrive. (I backup my nas to gdrive, encrypted). I'm using --drive-chunk-size 256M.

When the feature was added to rclone, I'm pretty sure my PC kind of "cached" 256Mxnumber of transfer Mo of data (so around 1go) before sending it. I saw that in the task monitor, and my nas network interface, I had some "burst" to fill the the chunck size, then nothing until everything was uploaded, then a burst again, etc.

Now, it seems that it's not working like that anymore ? On big transfert, I limit the speed to 8.5M, so i don't hit the 750gb/days limit. The speed limit is enforced, but I see that my NAS is uploading at a constant 8.5m too (to my pc which send the data to gdrive), and there is not burst anymore. Is this new way of working normal ? Really sorry about my english, it's not my native language...

Thx you :slight_smile:

Yes rclone now tries to do the caching of the 256M chunk before doing the bandwidth limiting do you get smooth stats and bandwidth limiting.

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