DragonFly build fails

I’m trying to build rclone on DragonflyBSD 5.5 and I get these fatal errors:

% go build


vendor/github.com/Azure/azure-storage-blob-go/azblob/highlevel.go:144:7: undefined: mmf
vendor/github.com/Azure/azure-storage-blob-go/azblob/highlevel.go:146:12: undefined: newMMF
vendor/github.com/Azure/azure-storage-blob-go/azblob/highlevel.go:272:13: undefined: newMMF

I suspect that for some reason it’s not building the go file that defines these functions. I tried this with release tag v1.46.

Forgot to say, I’m using go 1.12

What’s the reason you are building it and not using a binary?

Fuse on FreeBSD is pretty much not working for me as there are a number of things that just don’t work. I did try and moved back to Linux pretty fast.

There’s no binary available for Dragonfly.

Oh, I see now as I thought it was FreeBSD compatible, but doesn’t really seem to be.

Totally not FBSD compatible as far as binaries go. I wish it was because it would make life so much easier.

Is there a way to detach azure from the build? I don’t need it.

I was able to make this build successfully by adding “dragonfly” to the // +build line at the top of azblob/zc_mmf_unix.go. So I guess this solves my problem, but it looks like this is really a bug report for the Microsoft Azure team.

Well done! You can detatch azure from the build by commenting it out in fs/all/all.go.

A bug report to the azure team will get it fixed quite soon - I’ve found them to very responsive.

That was fast. The Azure team just put out azure-storage-blob-go v0.6.0 with this change included.

I had a look at the release - that is slightly more code than I want to pull in just before an rclone release. However I’ll update all the dependencies after the rclone release (which should be at the weekend).

That sounds good, thanks!

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