Download script for small files

So I’m trying to move all small files from my cloud mount to my local drive. These are all small files, thus the higher amount of checkers and transfers used. However the script runs but puts a big strain on my server and I only see the files I expect to be transferred as excluded.

What did I do wrong in my script?

rclone move gdrive_crypt: /mnt/user/rclone_upload/Gdrive/ -vv --checkers 24 --transfers 12 --include *.nfo~* --include *.srt~* --include *.jpg~* --include *.tbn~* --include *.xml~* --include *.png~*

Fixed it myself by lowering the checkers/transfers and moving the includes to the front. Seems to go well now:

rclone --include "*.jpg" --include "*.nfo" --include "*.png" --include "*.tbn" --include "*.srt" --include "*.xml" move gdrive_crypt: /mnt/user/rclone_upload/Gdrive/ -vv --checkers 6 --transfers 4
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It looks ike you fixed your --include syntax too.

Note if you’ve got lots of includes you can put them in a file and use --include-from.

Also with your includes you can use --include '*.{jpg,nfo.png,tbn,srt,xml}' which you may find more maintainable

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Thank you sir! I didn’t want to use an external file with the extensions but your tip is exactly what I needed.

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