Doubt about getting your own Client ID and Key for onedrive

I can use my client ID and secret key done in the tutorial below on multiple onedrive accounts, or do I need to create a client id and secret key for each account?

Getting your own Client ID and Key

rclone uses a pair of Client ID and Key shared by all rclone users when performing requests by default. If you are having problems with them (E.g., seeing a lot of throttling), you can get your own Client ID and Key by following the steps below:

  1. Open, then click Add an app (Choose Converged applications if applicable)
  2. Enter a name for your app, and click continue. Copy and keep the Application Id under the app name for later use.
  3. Under section Application Secrets , click Generate New Password . Copy and keep that password for later use.
  4. Under section Platforms , click Add platform , then Web . Enter http://localhost:53682/ in Redirect URLs .
  5. Under section Microsoft Graph Permissions , Add these delegated permissions : Files.Read , Files.ReadWrite , Files.Read.All , Files.ReadWrite.All , offline_access , User.Read .
  6. Scroll to the bottom and click Save .

Now the application is complete. Run rclone config to create or edit a OneDrive remote. Supply the app ID and password as Client ID and Secret, respectively. rclone will walk you through the remaining steps.

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