Does sync with --max-size delete files on the remote?

I understand sync makes the destination match the source and deletes any files that are not on the source and I understand that --max-size will not transfer files larger than the specified size. What happens when you sue them together?

Will using the sync command with the --max-size option 100M delete any files larger than 100M on the remote that already exist there?

--dry-run ( is a very easy and fast way to check what would happen rather than waiting for a reply to the post.

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No, not unless you use the --delete-excluded flag. However I suggest you take the advice above and try with --dry-run rather than taking my word for it :slight_smile:

Thank you for the answers. Yes I always use the --dry-run and -vv flags before every transfer and monitor the results carefully. In this case I wanted to ensure that I had the right understanding.

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