Does server side copy/move not have data limits?

So ive been collecting a bunch of data for the last 4 or 5 years and at one point i decided to set up a system that allowed me to bypass the daily upload limit of 750gb per day by utilizing SA and teamdrives. i rarely used it but sometimes i would grab something that needed to bypass the limit. Usually discarding old files for newer and better ones. Anyways due to supposed team drive limitations, 400k file limit, and supposed google witch hunts of large used teamdrives i wanted to move everything from the team drive to the main Drive. I have about 115TB and have just put off writing a script that would allow me to move close to the daily limit per day. and just run it every 25 hours. and since i have poor home internet right now i really wanted to use server side move. shouldve done this months ago since that would take around 3 months to move that much data.

Well i just ran my command

rclone move tdrive: gdrive: --max-transfer 700G -v --config=/opt/rclone.conf --drive-server-side-across-configs=true

and it just kept going and going. it took about 5 hours but it moved all 115gb and i can confirm its been moved.


maybe i've just been out of the loop but last i knew server side move/copy still respected the daily upload limit.

Conjecture: I think it is copy that has the data limits, I don't think move is a problem since you aren't uploading new files.

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