Does rclone preserve extended attributes of files?

Does this depend on support from the cloud provider? I tried it with amazon cloud drive, but they’re not preserved. Is there any option I can enable to preserve extended attributes?

My basic tests indicate that rclone does not support extended attributes (on mac osx anyway). It doesn’t matter the provider, rclone doesn’t seem to support them. Simply do a local>local rclone of files and run xattr on the files and you’ll see that rclone ignores them (all empty results). People should just be aware of this. Any tags and certain other attributes will be lost. This might be an issue for some people wanting to rely on rclone as primary file backups (at this time anyway).

Am I missing something in the docs that says how to preserve them (like --xattrs in rsync)?

Has anyone performed “backup bouncer” tests on rclone backups? Share results?