Does rclone know when GDrive is approaching limit bans?

First off I’m new to rclone, and so far very impressed. My media is hosted on GDrive, and I have moved my Plex server to another machine and scanned over 25 TB so far without a ban. I know from experience using File Stream I would have got several temp bans by now.
I noticed that rclone speeds up and backs off on the API calls (I assume it keeps tabs on what it’s done and ramps up and slows down accordingly to avoid bans). But what I’m wondering is if rclone can somehow query GDrive to know when it’s approaching it’s limits and act accordingly?
I’m asking because while rclone is on a new machine scanning my library, I’m still uploading from another machine using File Stream. This afternoon I uploaded about 300 GB from the old machine, and noticed that rclone backed down the API requests while the other machine was uploading. Old machine finished uploading, and then maybe an hour later rclone on the new machine ramped up the the scan rate / API calls again.
Is this pure coincidence, or can rclone query gdrive and know to slow itself down based on what other machines are doing on an account?

The logs are your key.

rclone doesn’t know anything about google’s quotas or if it’s approaching them. If it gets an error, it exponentially backs off depending on how many times it gets an error in a row.

You should make your own client ID/key if you haven’t:

You can only get roughly 10 transitions per second so one machine was clearly winning and the other not so much probably.

Without the logs, it’s just a guess.

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