Does rclone keep a local DB of distant files?

Let's say I want to sync a local folder d:\docs (1TB, 500k files) to a distant SFTP server.
Example rclone.conf:

type = sftp
host =
user = user1
ask_password = true


  • after having done the first successful sync with:

      rclone sync D:/docs/ distant:/home/test/

    does rclone keep a local database of the files present on destination? (If so, in which folder is this database stored, and in which format?)

  • Or is it stateless, i.e. there is no local database about the files that are on the distant server?
    This means next time I'll re-sync, rclone will need to download first the list of all files already present on the destination? For 500k files, with at least 100 bytes of metadata per file, this would mean I have to download 50 MB from the destination to the local computer, before being able to do a sync local -> destination.
    Is that correct?

I read about the "cache" backend but I don't know if this applies here. Anyway, it seems currently unmaintained.

No, there is no database.

It's stateless.

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