Does rclone continue where I left off when backing up to Backblaze B2?

Hello community,

I am using the following command:

rclone sync -L -v /mnt/wwn-0x50014ee65c1ecc65-part1/Backup backblaze:elements

This process takes a lot of time and sometimes I terminate it (Ctrl + C) to continue at a later stage.

  1. If I terminate, does rclone then continue where I left off when I start the process again?
  2. How do I know the percentage stage at which rclone currently is when backing up to Backblaze?

Thank you!

Yes, except it will start again at the start of any files it was uploading

rclone doesn’t attempt to measure that at the moment. If you use the -v flag, you’ll get a good idea what is going on.

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Excellent. Thus it will reattempt to upload those that were aborted due to terminating the process but will not start from scratch.

This shows me which files are being currently uploaded, including their size, but nothing about the volume already uploaded in comparison to the total volume to be uploaded, correct?

Yes that is correct. Rclone would have to make a separate pass through everything to calculate that which it might do one day but it doesn’t at the moment.

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This topic is resolved for now. Thank you for all your helpful comments!