Does mount write to disk?

If i use rclone mount, does it write to my disk? If i mount a 100Gb Google Drive remote, does it write 100Gb to my disk? I tried reading the docs with all the caching options and stuff but didn't really understand them. I'm using a M1 Mac if that matters.

Generally, if you use no cache mode, nothing gets written to disk.

hi, by default, the answer is no.

rclone mount does random access reads, rclone only downloads chunks of a file as needed
that chunk is not cached on local storage.
so if rclone needs to re-read that chunk again, rclone has to download it again.

optionally, when using the vfs file cache, rclone will cache the chunk in local storage.
so if rclone needs to re-read that chunk again, rclone reads from the local cache,
rclone will not access the internet.

for example, if you have a 60GiB media file of length sixty minutes.
you start to watch the movie for one minute, then stop watching.
rclone will have downloaded just 1GiB

So if a mount is set to no cache mode, and I want to stream a 60gb 4k .mkv movie, does it just do it on the fly and disgard chunks afrer they have been read?
One thing I dislike about the google drive windows app is if I want to stream a movie, it will download the whole movie to cache. Before you know it, I have a 500gb google cache folder, its annoying.

correct, chunked reading

some rcloners do not use the vfs file cache, sometimes including myself.
if you have a very good internet connection, might not need that.

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