Does md5sum not work on an encrypted remote?


is it a known limitation for md5sum to not work on an encrypted remote?

Tried it on an Amazon remote and it works:

$ rclone md5sum remote:’/test/inside-test.txt’
d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e inside-test.txt

however on an ecrypted amazon remote it seems to fail:
> $ rclone md5sum secret:’/test/inside-test.txt’


…it kind of makes sense of course, because to calculate the md5 rclone would have to download the entire file first and decrypt it.
So basically you’d achieve the same by mounting the encrypted remote, and then calculating an md5.

Yes you are correct, crypt doesn't support md5 hashes at the moment.

Support will come as part of this most likely

You might find this issue interesting too

Good to know, thanks… :slight_smile: