Docker (Transport endpoint is not connected) Error

Hi All,

I am calling rclone using screen and for the most part the mount is very stable. If however I happen to clone and reopen the mount I am having issues with it being passed through to my docker.

I had similar issues previously with other mount points that have been resolved by using Slave:RW when mapping the mount point to docker. It is a docker variable that helps when the mount may be mounted after the docker is started. It works with acd_cli and unionfs fused mount points, but doesn’t seem to work with rclone.

If I access the rclone mount point from my host I get in fine, but if I access from inside the docker I get the “Transport endpoint is not connected” error. Restarting the docker fixes it, but I would like to avoid that.

Any ideas?


Can you point me at some docs for that - I can’t seem to find any.

That error means that the rclone process is no longer connected to /dev/fuse.

There is a possible work-around in this thread:

You might be able to work around this by wrapping the mount call in nsenter to mount it in the same Linux mount namespace as the docker daemon, eg.

nsenter -t “$PID_OF_DOCKER_DAEMON” encfs …

I wish I could, the documentation of the Slave option seems to be very lacking from Docker. The lack of documentation is discussed here ( The information I found is from the unraid forums (that is my host OS). One of the guys over there (squid) seems aware of the use and mentions here ( he may be able to point to documentation.

At the moment I now have rclone mounted as the lower layer (RO) of a union-fs fused mount, I haven’t seen the error since, so maybe the extra layer has fixed it. If it re-appears I will try on the work-around.


Glad you’ve got it working and let me know if that work-around is needed.

If you can work out what rclone needs to do differently then do let me know!