Do I see Old versions in Encrypt remote

How to put out the version of b2 is written in, but this is not usable when using B2 with Encrypt, and someone else has some way of decrypting the past version and copying it locally Could you tell me?

$ rclone -q --b2-versions ls b2:<Bucket_name>
70 <Encrypted_filename>
66 <Encrypted_filename>-v2016-07-04-141032-000
55 <Encrypted_filename>-v2016-07-04-141003-000

b2_crypt: is encrypted b2:<Bucket_name>

$ rclone -q --b2-versions ls b2_crypt:
70 <decrypt_filename>.txt

I’m not quite following the question. Are you saying you are using an encrypted remote and trying to get a version back from that?

Can you share your rclone.conf without any passwords/keys as that might help understand the question a bit more.

B2 will version older files. I’d have to test how to do it. But I think you’d just pull down the file without crypt, remove the postfix date and then open it with the crypt mount.

Thank you for your reply.
Is that the only way to change the file name and copy it as follows:

<Encrypted_filename> -v2016-07-04-141032-000 ==> <Encrypted_filename>

$ rclone copy b2_crypt:<Encrypted_filename>

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